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Security Guard Timekeeping SystemTimekeeping software apps for security guards and security officer business timekeeping systems must be reliable for a number of reasons.  One, timekeeping software should feed into your security guard tour system payroll.  Two, timekeeping apps should also feed into your guard company billing software.  Three, a modern timekeeping system keeps far more accurate records, and is far more cost effective than scribbled notebooks, or even time-consuming spreadsheets, with which you may be currently tracking the clocking in and out of your security guards.  And four, scheduling security officers manually can prove difficult to impossible, with schedule changes, no call/no shows, or just keeping track of who belongs where in general!  The right timekeeping software/ system solves all these problems.

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A timekeeping software solution is crucial, especially as your security guard business grows.  But the reality is that, given the security officer industry’s average profit margins, your security guard timekeeping system and mobile app must also be cost-effective. It is for this reason that GuardMetrics has integrated our cost-effective yet dynamic security guard management system and guard patrol & tour app with the best scheduling software, payroll and billing systems available to create an overall excellent time and attendance software solution; all with the most affordable price-point that our experienced guard management software team has seen.

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Security Guard Timekeeping SoftwareTimekeeping software automates the otherwise troublesome task of manually tracking your growing security officer force.  Manual timekeeping tracking not only slows down your productivity, and so your guard business’s bottom line, but the manual margin for error is much higher, burdening you with the possibility of overpaying or underpaying employees, not to mention the consideration of the actual overtime laws of your state!   Automate your security guard timekeeping tracking so you can concentrate on the business of providing the security services that your clients have come to expect.

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The GuardMetrics security guard software incorporates the best-in-class features for a very dynamic security officer management system and guard tour app.  With the integration of proven security guard time and attendance software—including scheduling, payroll and billing—we become your security officer businesses one-stop-shop.  Simplify your time and attendance processes, receive mobile reports, track your officers, keep accurate time and attendance for payroll and billing and MUCH more, with GuardMetrics.

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