GuardMetrics Mobility

Guard tour device/ patrol phone options abound, so it should be simple to keep your security officer business mobile.  But, if experience has taught security guard company owners anything, it rarely ever is. The demands of your company never stop changing, so you need a guard tour device that is rugged and dependable, and an overall mobile patrol phone solution that will get your people the best technology, as well as the wireless plan flexibility your security guard agency needs to succeed. So, how do you accomplish this while also keeping your cost under control?

Enter GuardMetrics Mobility, a new, innovative and affordable way to manage your wireless security guard tour devices and patrol phone system. GuardMetrics Mobility has been purpose-built to help guard companies of any size reduce the cost of managing, supporting, and maintaining your mobile guard tour workforce, while reducing your overall wireless device and rugged phone spend.

Call our security officer tour device experts to find the best durable patrol phone or rugged tablet options for your security guard business.

These durable guard tour devices come loaded with the GuardMetrics Guard Tour App.  So, it is not just a matter of getting the best rugged patrol phone, but getting guard company phones that are ready to help you manage your security officers as efficiently as possible.

GuardMetrics Mobility management gives you an all-encompassing wireless environment with the flexibility your security guard business needs. Now your teams can finally focus on growing your security business, as opposed to being bogged down with common mobile guard tour device challenges that take their focus off of productivity.

Guard Tour DeviceWhat you get with these security guard tour devices & patrol phones:

  • Flexible Wireless Plans – including unlimited talk, text, and data.
  • Rugged, Low Cost Guard Tour Devices/ Patrol Phones – including $0 out of pocket promos, CPO devices, and optional extended warranties.
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) – Security and administrative control over your wireless environment to ensure that your security officers can concentrate on the guard tour/ patrol tasks, only.
  • Dedicated Support – comprehensive account and technical support.
  • The GuardMetrics Guard Tour System and App– Loaded with everything your security officer business needs to manage your mobile officers, including guard tracking and real-time Activity, Incident, Visitor and many more reports!

How does GuardMetrics Mobility management benefit your guard business?

  • Get the type of security guard tour device you need to get the job done – ruggedized smartphone devices, tablets, and mobile broadband hotspots.
  • Stay flexible – purpose-built plans mean your people are free to work in a manner that is best for your guard business and not constrained by your wireless environment
  • No more restrictions on your growth – easily add and remove users as you focus on growing your business
  • Focus on your company and your customers and not on your wireless environment – Our team will get everything up and running for you so you can continue to focus on what makes your security officer company successful.
  • The GuardMetrics Guard Tour System 

GuardMetrics understands the unique challenges of running a day-and-night mobile patrol/ guard tour workforce. With GuardMetrics Mobility, you no longer have the burden of managing your wireless environment, allowing you to focus on the crucial mission of running a successful security guard business.

Call today and decide for yourself if GuardMetrics Mobility has the best durable security officer tour devices, rugged security guard patrol phones, and affordable wireless plans for your business!