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Incident Reporting System

What is Incident/ Event Report Management software?

Incident Reporting System software is vital to nearly any organization.  The best systems improve safety in the workplace and/or community.  So, from healthcare to construction, from HOAs to Retail outlets—anywhere where an accident, risk/ hazard or crime can occur—efficient incident reporting management system software, and a simple mobile reporting app are crucial. Furthermore, over time, this system allows for a clear picture of what incident types occur most often, and in what locations: Predictive safety analytics, so that you can most effectively allocate whatever resources are appropriate.

The Incident Reporting system, app and event management software developed by GuardMetrics was designed by experts with decades of experience in security and safety reporting.  Some of the largest and most respected security officer companies in the world count on our system and mobile reporting app to best serve their clients; from government to entertainment giants to billion-dollar corporations to “mom and pop shops”.  But many of our customers are those entities themselves.  Incident Report Management is not limited to use only by the security guard business.

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The definition of Incident Reports, according to, include unexpected events which resulted in injury or death, occurrences that could have caused harm, omissions that may have brought harm, or concerns that should be made known to the community.  A simple and effective digital event reporting system allows this data to be easily collected, including pictures and video, and flow to those who need it in real-time or in a scheduled report, whether the recipients of the electronic incident reports are board members or your security force, so that prompt action can be taken.

The GuardMetrics incident management system allows you to customize your report types to exactly fit your needs.  So, a construction company can have many specific incident types which may include “Fork Lift Accident”, “Safety Violation” and “Vandalism”, while a hospital can have its own events, which may include “Patient Not In Room”, “Slip and Fall” or “Room Check”…whatever YOU need.

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Incident Reporting SoftwareWith Guardmetrics, your Incident Reports are safely stored using best practices, including but not limited to multi-level security protocols; from the human level, to encryption.  You and those to whom you give permission can view, save, and print the otherwise fully digital Incident Reports, including pictures and related persons and vehicle data.  Top level Administrators can also edit the electronic incident reports, whether for spelling or to add a photo that the reporter forgot to include.  Reporting an accident, crisis, or any kind of emergency has never been easier, cleaner, and more secure than it is with GuardMetrics.

Utilizing a security event management system to log issues makes a huge difference in your community’s safety.  Whether you are reporting on possible hazards at an HOA, a customer injury in your grocery store, or a crime at the city park, having this digital report management tool will help you gain the data you need to make your environment safer, and provide a legal record of the event.

Entities that use Incident Report Management Systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Retail Corporations – Malls, department stores, supermarkets, warehouses, convenience stores and other retail outlets

  • Financial Services – Banks, mortgage loan companies, credit unions, trust companies, investment banks and insurance companies Incident management

  • Technology – Software development, engineering, digital electronics and e-commerce

  • Medical/ Healthcare Facilities – Hospitals, psychiatric care centers, clinics, outpatient care centers and birthing centers patient event reporting

  • Pharmaceutical – Both the pharmacy/ dispensary as well as the manufacturer of the medications

  • Transportation – Airlines, air freight and logistics, airport services, marine, marine ports and services, railroads and rail tracks, and trucking and highways

  • GovernmentAnything from the Administration of Children and Families to the Women’s Bureau

  • Agriculture – Production of food for consumption including food crops, greenhouses, nurseries, and field crops

  • Education – Schools, Colleges, dormitories, administrative buildings, academic, research and athletic facilities, etc. student incident management

  • Utilities Companies – Energy, water, sanitation and waste disposal, electricity and natural gas companies

  • Property Management – HOAs, High-rises, Apartments, Condos incident reporting

  • Nonprofit Organizations and Churches  

  • Construction – Site Management, design, cleaning, landscaping, hardscaping, painting

  • Simply anywhere that a safety hazard, accident, or crime can occur!

Is there such a thing as “Free Incident Reporting Software”?

We only looked at a couple of the misleading results that came up for searches done for “FREE” Incident or event management system software.  The results were not good.  Certainly, like anything, be your own judge, but the very concept of free incident report management is scary.  First of all, four of the six companies that we found offering a free management solution were overseas.  Now, this is not a matter of nationalism, or even who is currently an ally to America.  This is a matter of SECURITY.  You do NOT want your safety events stored somewhere on the other side of the world.  There is nothing secure about that.  We need to wonder about the motives of any business offering us something for free and, when it comes to the security of your report management, you can’t afford to gamble.  The best event/ incident management software is not going to be free.

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