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Visitor Management SystemAn efficient Visitor Management System–already included in the GuardMetrics officer management system–can add a layer of security for many of your clients, and so can help your security guard service grow.  Many security guard companies have clients who needs to control the flow of visitors through a property management client guard gate, or a building lobby, especially if they don’t control the whole building.

In today’s world, individuals, companies and property managers have become much more security conscious. The receptionist-as-gatekeeper is no longer enough, especially in cases where a company needs to monitor and limit access to certain parts of their facilities and properties.

Call GuardMetrics for a demonstration of the visitor management system, built-in to the guard tour system.

Whether its for a small community, or for an enterprise-wide corporate deployment, let GuardMetrics help you manage visitors with award-winning software and support used by fortune 1000 companies around the world. This Visitor Management Software allows you to:

  • Monitor and protect a single building or multiple buildingsVisitor Metrics App
  • Pre-register appointments and configure notifications so employees are automatically notified when visitors arrive and are allowed access only where authorized.
  • Easily log and track all vendors and deliveries and persons visited
  • Eliminate confusion through a single, streamlined Visitor Management System
  • For a facet of the visitor management system specific to Facility Access Management, aka; Physical Access Control, please click here, or call us for more detail.

Call GuardMetrics today for a simple and effective Visitor Management System. 

For a large enterprise, or more complex needs, we will direct you to a partner visitor management system that can also:

  • Perform additional threat and risk analysis
  • Use driver’s license scans or staff to check in visitors
  • Manage any number of locations
  • Compare images of visitors against global watch lists in REAL-TIME.
  • Create multiple levels of access to keep everyone where they belong.
  • An attached Neighborhood Watch – Visitor Notification app
  • Integrate with most access control systems to ensure that every person is who they
  • Generate reports for local and federal compliance.
  • Register visitors with self-serve kiosks
  • Integrate with other applications
  • ITAR & GMP compliance, along with many others

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