GuardMetrics delivers with robust, cloud-based and customizable management tools that are easy to use and simple to deploy.

Security Operations Management

Request a demo to see how our guard tour and incident reporting solutions will streamline your day-to-day operations, allowing you to focus on winning and retaining more clients and boosting your bottom line!

Incident Reporting System

Offer your customers an Incident Management platform that’s branded just for them. Features include scalability, auditing capabilities, and a user-friendly interface with customer-specific features and access.

Scheduling, Payroll & Billing

Automate scheduling, time-keeping, invoicing and payroll with a single system. You’ll save considerable time, eliminate messy paperwork and boost your bottom line by lower transactional payroll expenses compared to any large payroll provider.

Guard Tours & Patrols

GuardMetrics Guard Tour software is iOS and Android compatible, with simple-to-deploy checkpoints and real-time data accessibility for managers and clients. Officers can scan checkpoints and document events and images using customized reports using any device.

Security Guard Company Success

Visitor Management

A paperless visitor log identifies and tracks the movement of building occupants in real time. Improve building security, compliance, and visitor safety in a centralized system.

Post Order Management

Give your employees access to post orders, manuals, and client-specific operating procedures on a smartphone, tablet, PC, or MAC computer. Upload and access documents and images in the field using a simple interface.