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Security guard scheduling software apps should be reliable, cover compliance requirements, and protect your revenue.  A security guard scheduling system must also be efficient and, to be most efficient, it should be part of a comprehensive security guard scheduling, payroll and billing system.  And finally, your officer scheduling app must be easy to use for your security guard agency and for your employees.

It is for this reason that GuardMetrics has integrated our guard tour system with just such a proven scheduling system and app, to provide a one-stop solution for all your security officer business needs.

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The more your guard business grows, the more unwieldy your security officer scheduling, payroll and billing become.  And paying full-time staff to try to juggle the growing confusion of the employee turnover and no-call-no-show elements, on top of all the payroll, billing and guard scheduling changes, leaves too much room for error.  Even without human error, there quickly comes a point when paying the staff needed to manage such a thing is no longer cost effective.

Time and labor management is crucial to the success of your security officer company.  You need the right security officer scheduling system and software app in order to leave nothing to chance.

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Now, imagine that this powerful security officer scheduling, payroll and billing system and app integrated with a top-end guard tour system, mobile patrol reporting app and security officer tracking software, to give you one cohesive end-to-end Security Guard Company Solution, delivering to you the capabilities to:

  • Monitor mobile officersSecurity Guard Scheduling System and timekeeping from ANY mobile smart device
  • Obtain mobile activity submissions and incident reports with integrated pics, video and/ or audio
  • Receive real-time data of scanned checkpoints; QR codes, RFID or NFC tags
  • Track officer patrols and tours
  • Receive time-stamped and geo-tagged location with every scan or activity submission
  • Run Visitor Management and Facility Access Management
  • Ban individuals from properties
  • Easily manage Post Orders
  • Receive real-time alerts
  • Expand operations and task management
  • Extend a “Client Portal”—a real database of real-time reports—to your clients
  • Connect time and labor management with mobile officer clock-in/ out
  • Payroll and Billing
  • Obtain detailed Invoices showing geo-tags, shift, and tour data
  • Verify arrival on post
  • Swap and view shifts
  • Incident reporting and dispersal
  • Extend Employee Self Service Portals to your employees, where they can see their schedules, check-in, and view their income data
  • MUCH more…and all through a security guard scheduling system and security officer management app 100% created and supported in America.

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