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You want the best security guard monitoring system for your company.  But you also need the best security guard monitoring system for your money.  And since real-time guard company tracking software apps is the only way to compete in today’s world, the daunting questions are, what constitutes “best”, and what will it cost to deploy top-notch officer monitoring software? GuardMetrics answers both of these questions the same: efficiency, simplicity and affordability.  If you can offer your stakeholders real-time guard monitoring, with GPS, and mobile reporting and make it easy on your officers and your bank account, then you’ve found the best security guard app for your business.

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Security Guard Monitoring System

Every event is time-stamped and geo-tagged with a GPS satellite photo, tracking your officer’s current location.  Whether your mobile officer has just scanned a checkpoint on a patrol, or submitted an activity form or incident report on a site tour, you, and your guard company customers, will know exactly where they are.  And when your mobile officer scans a checkpoint with the GuardMetrics security guard monitoring app, they can even receive an instruction of what to do at that location!  

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You can’t trust your guard company’s success to some software app company that has decided to make money in the security niche, but has no previous experience in the security guard industry.  Those companies love to razzle-dazzle with all the buttons and whistles (most of which you will never use) that over-complicate their officer tracking system, only to shut down at 1800 or 1900 hours, and then they’re unavailable on the weekends too! That kind of “service” is not real handy when you need a new site deployed in 5 hours.

GuardMetrics has put decades of security guard field-work experience and officer management experience into our security guard monitoring system.  So, besides being here for you day, night, weekend and holiday, we even allow you to add your own sites on the fly!  We’ll just add it to the following month’s billing cycle.  And since the GuardMetrics security guard monitoring system site-license includes unlimited guards, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises.

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It won’t take you long to realize that the GuardMetrics crew is truly on your team. We operate by a simple—if sadly, uncommon—principle:  If we help you grow, then we grow. Not only is there enough success to go around, but our success is symbiotic. That’s why we can offer you far more than a great security guard monitoring system.  GuardMetrics can assist you in just about anything you need to run a Grade-A Security Guard Company.  That’s why we can afford to bill you month-to-month, with no contract.  We are your partner and we will prove it.

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