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Facility Access Management System

An access management system is a specialized piece of visitor management, in that facility access management is generally for regular occupants or employees of the monitored facility; business, government building, condominium complex, manufacturer, etc.  Access Management, as it relates to a security guard company, translates to Facility Access Management System or Physical Access Control Software or a variation of the two.  What that means is; whether your officer is admitting residents, or employees, or club members, or students, etc., into a building or property, the facility access management system permits entry into that related building or premises based on proof of identity.

There are companies specializing in physical access control that include retinal scans, fingerprints, facial recognition, etc. and they have the price tag to match.  If you are in a top-secret facility with data and assets that are being pursued by foreign interests, that is the way to go.  That is not what we offer.  GuardMetrics includes a simple access management function in our officer management system to scan an occupant’s badge or card upon entry into the building or facility.  Your security officer on duty can then match the system data and picture to the person presenting the related identification.  Simple and secure.

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Most security guard service software companies don’t integrate the physical access management feature–particularly at the affordable GuardMetrics guard tour system price point–into their security guard management system.  Nor do other security officer services solution providers make it as simple as this.  You will truly be trained to deploy the GuardMetrics physical access control piece—monitoring those entering the business, or high security school, or apartment building, or manufacturing facility, etc.—within 30 minutes.

And, by you including the access control piece of visitor management for those of your clients that would benefit from it, your services become that much more valuable, and so make you that much more secure in your position as that client’s security guard service-of-choice. And what about winning NEW clients?  You will rightfully be able to sell how much more valuable your security guard services are with the complete GuardMetrics security guard management system, including; Physical/Facility Access Management, as well as the broader Visitor Management, a Client Portal where your customers can access their own reports that you make available to them, Officer GPS location monitoring, real-time alerts, guard tour and patrol tracking apps, reports that are branded to your company and include a time-stamp, geo-tag and pictures and video, readily accessible Post Orders so your officers always know what to do in a given incident, a ticket-counter for parking-violations reporting and action, and a feature that nearly no other security guard company offers:  A way for residents or employees of your client to communicate their security concerns to you in REAL-TIME, which we call the Community Security neighborhood watch app!  This winning combination makes for a guard company service package that most of the largest security officer businesses in the world don’t offer!

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