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Security Daily Activity Report/ DARDaily Activity Report, or “DAR”s, are a standard part of a successful security guard company’s reporting system. And with current mobile app technology, electronic / digital Daily Activity Reports are expected by most security guard agency clients.  So, having an app and software in place to provide quality, automatic DARs of your mobile officer’s tours and patrols is a must.

Daily Activity Reports should be based on what your client wants to see.  Some customers want real-time Officer Shift Reports showing the daily activities that each security officer performed, from the time they clocked into the guard tour system, until they clocked out.  Other clients simply want their automatic emailed DAR to list all the activity and scans that took place at their site in the last 24 hours.  GuardMetrics helps you tailor your security guard’s Daily Activity Reports to exactly what your customers want.

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A paperless security guard Daily Activity Reporting system simplifies operations and lowers costs.  A digital DAR can be auto-emailed to your client every morning, doing away with all the clumsiness of paper activity reporting, along with the related costs and shortcomings.  Emailed DARS put you on par with any competing security guard companies, but the GuardMetrics system takes it several steps further, by enabling you to offer your clients their own personal database of Daily Activity Reports, Incident Reports, and Visitor Reports.

GuardMetrics presents the “Client Portal”, a real-time (or approved by you) database of your client’s Activity, Incident and Visitor reports.  Here their Daily Activity Reports are stored and easily searchable from any computer using a variety of simple filters to get them the exact report they want; i.e., they can run an activity report of all the “Light Checks” for the last six months, or pull up an Incident Report from two years ago, in seconds.

Emailed Daily Activity Reports, digital Incident Reports and Electronic Visitor Reports software will put you ahead of the competition

Security Daily Activity Report/ DAR

With the GuardMetrics Daily Activity Report system and App you can:

  • Scan and submit Activities offline; without cell signal or WiFi
  • Brand the DAR, and all reports, to your security guard company
  • Simplify your security guard agency reporting system
  • Reduce or eliminate cumbersome DAR paperwork and related costs
  • Record and report all scans and activity form submissions in the DAR
  • Dictate reports/ speech-to-text
  • Mobile and Desktop Daily activity Report options
  • Customize Activity, Incident, Visitor and Persons report types
  • Have each entry time-stamped and geo-tagged
  • Attach pictures or video to DARs
  • Auto-email your customer a Daily Activity Report each morning
  • Automate security officer Shift Reports and/ or Incident Reports in real-time
  • Allow your customer access to real-time digital DARs via their own personal database
  • Give your clients their Daily Activity Report the way they want to see it…

An automated Daily Activity Report system is necessary to compete.  The addition of a personal database of DARs, Incident Reports and Visitor Reports, for each of your clients, take your electronic daily activity reporting system to a new level.

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