Cyber security services are an integral part of a complete security system.  It is the world we live in.  You cannot provide complete security to your client without cyber security services.  It is for this reason that GuardMetrics—a world leader in security operations management software and services—has formed a partnership with a premier provider of cyber security assurance, response, training, intelligence, and compliance services to America, and to the allies of the United States of America.

In today’s world we hear talk of cyber threats and cyber terrorism every single day.  In a time when we communicate by computer over half the time, it has become a topic in the matters of national defense, to the highest levels of our government.  Regardless of political ideology, cyber security is undeniably an important part of security in the 21st century.  And if you are a security business, you can offer this service through us and make money while helping your client with their cyber security!

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There are a variety of ways that cyber attackers—or cyber terrorists—can compromise a system.  But whether it’s theft of funds through cookie manipulation, or exploitation of poorly chosen passwords or code, the result can be catastrophic.  Modern companies need cyber security services to protect their data, for themselves and for their clients.

Like you, the cyber security service that GuardMetrics has partnered with is on a mission to secure their client’s assets.  Their risk management strategy is comprehensive and proven. They go beyond simply putting protective measures in place.  They also prepare for the worst in order to mitigate the risk if such a thing ever occurred. With a cyber security team of certified experts, they are ready and capable of handling whatever cyber threat may occur.    

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Cybersecurity ASSURANCECyber Security Services

  • Network Security
  • Software Development Lifecycle (SDL) Security
  • Social Engineering Studies
  • Secure Configuration Reviews
  • Security Policy Consulting
  • Incident Response and Crisis Management Planning
  • Residential Network Surveys & Security Reviews
  • Network Architecture Reviews
  • Wireless Infrastructure Surveys & Security Audits
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP) Security Assurance
  • Network Traffic Analysis & Integrity Testing
  • Survivability Testing
  • Fractional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Services
  • Secure Mobile Computing
  • Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure (TSCM) Sweeps
  • Malicious Insider Threat Cybersecurity Assessment
  • Information Security Road-Map Design
  • SCADA System/Command and Control Security Assessments

Cybersecurity RESPONSE

  • Incident Response Investigations and Cyber-Forensics
  • General Investigations

Cybersecurity COMPLIANCE

  • Legal and Regulatory Gap Analysis and Readiness Programs
  • Vendor Governance Programs
  • Third Party Vendor Audits
  • Secure Cloud Strategy and Governance

Cybersecurity TRAINING

  • Security Training
  • Legal and Regulatory Specific Training
  • Tabletop Incident & Event Gaming Scenario Exercises

Cybersecurity INTELLIGENCE

  • Open Source Intelligence Investigations
  • Social Media Investigations and Monitoring
  • Online Reputation Optimization (ORO)

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