Hundreds of dollars to Thousands of dollars—That is what your security officer business can be credited, per underemployed hire, through efficiently understanding and utilizing the Workforce Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Program—a tax federal credit that is made available to businesses who hire individuals from historically underemployed target groups, such as veterans.  And who hires more veterans and other under-employed individuals than security guard services?

Workforce Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

That dynamic is exactly what makes the Workforce Opportunity Tax Credit so lucrative to security industry companies. But navigating the ever-changing maze of Federal Tax credits and liabilities is a full-time job, and then only effective if your tax administrators truly comprehend all the ins-and-outs of the Federal Tax landscape.

GuardMetrics has therefore partnered with experts with over 35 years in this and other federal tax programs.

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Every year over a BILLION dollars in federal taxes are being credited back to employers who hire veterans and other historically under-employed individuals.  Yet many security industry businesses are too busy providing their security services to ever take advantage of this very real savings!

There is a maximum tax credit on each target group, but the tax credit can be over $9000.00 for a single employee!  There is no cost to find out how much you might be due back, and in some cases there is no out-of-pocket for the tax credit savings either, as it works as a contingency fee based on your security business tax savings.

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And our partner is a FULL SERVICE tax administration company, so they can also help your security guard service with:

  • Federal and State Tax Incentives
  • Incentive Consulting Services (ICS)
  • Tax Incentive Case Studies
  • Tax Compliance and Administration Services
  • Compliance and Administration Services
  • Advanced TCI Systems
  • Quantitative Analytics
  • Cost Reduction Services…

GuardMetrics specializes in security operations management.  We are honored to include the wonderful tax credit service in the host of security operations management services we can help you with.

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