Security Cameras & Access ControlSecurity camera systems and access control sales and installation should not be treated as a normal purchase.  While purchasing a camera from your local hardware store and putting it in yourself may be better than nothing, it may not.  The reality is that any perp that cares to case a target can easily avoid unprofessionally installed cameras.

GuardMetrics specializes in guard tour systems.  If you already know us, then you know that we also specialize in creating relationships and partnerships that are mutually beneficial.  This is because we care; and true caring is not a quality that can be faked.  GuardMetrics has attained a partner in security camera system and access control sales and implementation that is top of the class, and that shares the same values.

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And if you are a security service provider, we can introduce you to a means to offer camera systems and access control sales and installation directly through your security company; expanding your capabilities, better serving your clients, and creating a new revenue stream at the same time.

All the electronic access control options can be made available to your clients, including CCTV, access control, intercom, ID recognition, alarm and intrusion detection solutions.  And with 20 years in the business, you can be assured that your security camera and access control system requirements will be handled as efficiently and affordably as possible.

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You or your client’s security would be better served with security cameras or access control systems.  Our partner holds many industry specific certifications, and provides consulting, design, sales and installation of security cameras and access control systems to commercial clients, state and federal government, schools and the healthcare industry.

Go with a company that has built their name on high principles and values, can consult with, design, and install for you an affordable security camera and/ or access control system, and—if you are a security officer service—can allow you to open a new revenue stream by offering these services through your own company.

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